Mowat of Brabstermire and Swinzie

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Gilbert Mowat, first of Brabstermire. Obtained a charter from Keith of Inverugie in 1517. Brabstermire had probably formed a part of the estates of the Cheynes, and were aquired by the Keiths through marriage.


  1. Malcolm, see II.


Malcolm Mowat, of Brabstermire. He got a precept from William Keith, Earl Marischal, in 1541-42.


  1. John, see III.


John Mowat, of Brabstermire. He got a precept from George, Earl Marischal, in 1583.


  1. Andrew, see IV.


Andrew Mowat, of Brabstermire. He got a precept as heir to his father in 1595 from George, Earl Marischal. In 1627 he, together with his son George, sold Brabstermire and Slicklie to Sir John Sinclair of Geanies and Dunbeath. It is supposed that he died about 1634. He married 1st Elizabeth Sinclair. He married 2nd Elizabeth Knowles, who survived him and still lived in 1637.


  1. George, appears to have died before his father.
  2. Patrick, see V.
  3. William.
  4. Elizabeth.
  5. Jean.


Patrick Mowat, of Swinzie. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1634. He married Elizabeth Leask.

Perhaps father of:

  1. Alexander, see VI.
  2. Andrew, said to be second son of Swinzie.1 He married Marjory, daughter of Laurence Gifford of Weathersta and Jean Sinclair. They had a son and a daughter.


Alexander Mowat, of Swinzie. He married 1652 Jean, daughter of Hugh Halcro of that Ilk.2


  1. Patrick, see VII.
  2. Hugh, see VIII.


Patrick Mowat, of Swinzie, was succeded in 1679 by his brother Hugh.


Hugh Mowat, of Swinzie. In 1698 he sold his lands to George Sinclair of Barrock, and they are now known as Lochend.



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