Montalt, feudal barons of Montalt (co. Flint, Wales)

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Unless otherwise noted, the source for this is “A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeithed, and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire”, by Sir Bernard Burke, London 1866.


Robert de Montalt, son of Ralph de la Mare, one of the barons of Hugh, Earl of Chester, and son of Norman de la Mare, ancestor of the great family de la Mare. Robert assumed the surname Montalt from his chief place of residence, an elevation in the county of Flint, where he erected a castle. He was steward to the Earl of Chester and also one of his barons. After the death of Ranulph de Gernons, Earl of Chester, the lands of that great earldom were, it appears, for some time in the king’s hands, for in the 6th year of Henry II, Robert de Montalt was one of those, who accounted in the king’s exchequer for the farm of them; and likewise for what was then expended, in building the Castle of Chester. Robert is the ancestor of the Montalt family, which includes the English Maudes and the Scottish Mowats.


Robert, see II.


Robert de Montalt, Lord of Montalt.


Roger, see III.


Roger de Montalt, Lord of Montalt. Was deemed one of the greatest feudal barons in the realm during the reign of Henry III, and accompanied Prince Edward to the Holy Land. Roger was constantly employed against the Welsh, and in the 44th year of Henry III, he had command to repair to the borders, with the other Baron-Marchers, and there to reside for the defence of the country. He died in 1260. Note that there seems to be a generation or two missing between Roger and his supposed father Robert. He married Cecilia, 2nd sister and one of the co-heirs of Hugh de Albini, Earl of Arundel.


John, see IV.


Robert, see V.


Leucha, married Philip de Orreby, the younger.
IV John de Montalt, Lord of Montalt. He married 1st, Elene, widow of Robert de Stockport; and 2ndly, Milisent, daughter of William de Cantilupe, but died without issue.


Robert de Montalt, Lord of Montalt. He died 1278.


Roger, see VI.


Robert, see VII.
VI Roger de Montalt, Lord of Montalt. He was one of the barons in rebellion against Henry III, but returning to his allegiance, he subsequently defended Cambridge for the king. In the reigh of Edward I, he was in the wars of Gascony, and was summoned to parliament as a Baron 23 June 1295. He died s. p. in 1297. He married Julian, daughter of Roger de Clifford.


Robert de Montalt, Lord of Montalt. This gallant person having distinguished himself in the wars of Scotland and Gascony during the reigns of Edward I and Edward II, was summoned to parliament by the former monarch 6 February 1299, and he had summons from that period to 13 June 1329, in which year he died without issue and the Barony of Montalt became extinct, and his extensive estates, according to a settlement made by the deceased lord, passed to Isabel, Queen Consort of England, mother of Edward III, for life, and afterwards to John of Eltham, brother to the King, and his heirs for ever.

Arms of Barons de Montalt: Az., a lion rampant arg.