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Mr Roger Mowat, of Balquholly. Servitor to Mr John Nicolson of Lasswade. Later advocate in Edinburgh. Burgess of Aberdeen. Roger was a younger son of James Mowat in Redcloak and Agnes Auchinleck. He married 12 February 1618 Margaret Marjoribanks, daughter of Joseph Marjoribanks, merchant and bailie in Edinburgh. He died in the beginning of 1653. He inherited his older brother George 21 April 1646.2

Children by Margaret Marjoribanks:


Alexander Mowat. Baptised 17 November 1618. Probably died young as his brother George was their fatherís heir.


Margaret Mowat. Baptised 19 March 1620. Married 4 March 1647 David Boswell of Balmuto.


Isobel Mowat. Baptised 9 October 1621. Married John Cockburn, advocate, son of Sir William Cockburn of Langton and Dame Helen Elpinstone. She was buried 21 July 1663.


George, see II.


Joseph Mowat, of Fallside in Berwickshire. Burgess of Aberdeen 6 May 1646. He died before 1668. Married (i) 26 August 1655 Helen Hamilton, daughter of Sir Patrick Hamilton of Littlepreston (Prestonhall) and Elizabeth McGill. She possibly died before 19 March 1658 as she is not mentioned in her fatherís will. He married (ii) (contract 1663) Jonet Lyll, daughter of William Lyll of Bassendean.

Children by Jonet Lyll:


David Mowat. Baptised 7 September 1665. Died.


Elizabeth Mowat. Baptised 4 February 1667. Married (i) John Kerr, merchant and burgess of Edinburgh. They had no issue. Married (ii) 10 July 1692 Mr John Hay of Easthopes, secretary of the Earl of Tweeddale.


William Mowat. Baptised 5 July 1668.Captain in regiment of Foot Guards. He died unmarried in May 1705.


Janet Mowat. Married (i) (contract 4 February 1648) David Wood, tutor of Bonnyton. He died in May 1668. They had no issue. Married (ii) 2 April 1669 Captain Bryce Blair of Bogside. She died 28 April 1672.


Sir George Mowat of Inglishton. Heir male of his father 8 June 1653 in the lands of Freswick, Burnesyde, Harlie, Midletoun, Skersarie, Sownsaquoy, Toftis, Overly, Astrowell, Blay, Berinquoyes, Auchingill, Milntoun, Stronbister and the patronage of the Kirk of Cannesbie. All these lands (in Caithness) together with land in Aberdeen formed the barony of Balquholly.1 Roger and his son George held these land not as rightful lairds but as creditors. He was created a baronet of Nova Scotia. Burgess of Edinburgh 11 July 1656. Buried 4 March 1666. He married Elizabeth Hope, daughter of Sir John Hope of Craighall and Margaret Murray. She died before May 1686.

Children by Elizabeth Hope:


Thomas Mowat. Baptised 16 June 1657. Died.


Roger, see III.


William, see IV.4


John Mowat. Student at Leyden in 1685.


Mary Mowat. Married Captain George Hamilton.


Elizabeth Mowat. Married 30 April 1680 Robert Monteith of Randiefurd. He died 4 May 1703.


Sir Roger Mowat of Inglishton. Student at Leyden in 1676. He recorded arms as Baronet of Nova Scotia. Died before 1683.


Sir William Mowat of Inglishton. Apprentice to Charles Charteris, merchant in Edinburgh. Heir male to his brother Roger Mowat 7 Februar 1683.3 He married Antonia Willobie. Moved to London. Died before 1690.

Children by Antonia Willobie:


Sir Winwood Mowat. Only lawful son.


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