Montealt of Ferne

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This was the main branch of the family later to become the Mowats. Their relationship with the English Montalts are not clear. But they are believed to be branches of the same family.


Robert de Montealto. Probably the ancestor of the family in Scotland. He seems to have settled in Scotland in the reign of David I as he is a witness to several charters granted by that king.9

Probable children:


William, see II.


William De Montealt, knight, obtained from king William the Lion (1165-1214) the lordship of Ferne in Forfarshire in 1170. He gave a stone of wax to the monks of Cupar in Fife in 1219.



Michael, see III.

Possible sons:


Robert de Monte Alto, had charter, early 13th century.


Richard de Montealt, Justiciary of Scotland in 1214 and still 1239-1242.


Lawrence de Monte Alto, Rector of Kinnettles in 1219 and 1226.


Alexander de Mohaut, also spelt Mouhat, Mouhaut, Muhaut and Muhauth, "Clericus episcopi Brechinensis", frequently mentioned between 1198 and 1218.

Possible grandsons:


Robert De Montealto, sheriff of Forfarshire and rector of Kinnettles in 1262, witness in 1267. Probably the same who withnessed a charter of Alexander II 3 July 1247.2 A Robert de Monte Alto is styled Ďbaroní 30 July 1250.4


Eustace De Montealt, Sheriff of Forfar in 1263.


Laurence de Montealto, witness to a charter in 1272, rector of the church of Kinnettles in 1264 and 1265.


Michael De Montealt (Muhaut), perhaps feudal lord of Ferne, witness to deed by Alexander II in 1232, sheriff of Inverness 1234, Justiciary of Scotland 1242 and 1252.



William De Montealt, mentioned 1250, perhaps the William De Montealto that was sheriff of Cromarty in 1263 and/or the lord mentioned in 1272. See III.


Bernard de Montealt, witness to a grant of Alexander III in 1265, witnessed the grant of Roslin in 1280, drowned on return from Norway in 1281.


William Montealt, lord, presumably of Ferne, witnessed an agreement with the Earl of Sutherland in 1272. One William, probably the same, attested an agreement between Archibald, biship of Caithness, and William, Earl of Sutherland, in 1275. He is perhaps identical with the son of no. III. He may also be identical with William, sheriff of Cromarty in 1263, although this is unclear. One William De Muhaut is also mentioned in 1289 and in 1296 (in 1296 for taking oath of fidelity to the King of England).

One Roger De Monte Alto held lands in Aberdeen under William De Monte Alto in 1296. This Roger had a son and heir William de Monte Alto who in 1308 confirmed a grant from his father to his fatherís brother Bernard de Monte Alto.


Sir Michael De Montealt, possible feudal lord of Ferne. Mentioned with his family in 1308. Married Margaret de Monte Alto. She later married Adam Blunt.

Son of Michael and Margaret:


William de Monte Alto of Blair, mentioned 1308.


William de Monte alto. Dominus, possibly of Ferne, in 1366.10


Richard de Monte Alto. Richardi Movet (in 1382).6 Chancellor of the church of Brechin. He got a charter of the barony of Ferne from Robert II in 1377 for himself and his bastard son, William. The same year he and his bastard son also got a charter of the barony of Kynblachmond in Forfarshire.5 The next male heir was William de Monte alto, son of one Robert de Monte alto, possibly Richardís brother.

Natural child:


William de Monte Alto.


William de Monte alto, of Ferne. Withnessed the grant of Freswick and Auchingill from William Mowat of Loscragy to his son John in 1410.11


Related persons:


William de Monte Alto, withnessed a charter of Duncan, Earl of Fife, in 1320.3

William Mowat, knight, mentioned 10 August 1388.1

In 1309 Patrick Monte Alto of Loscragy had a charter from Robert the Bruce. He is most likely the ancestor of the Mowats of Loscragy/Balquholly.

William de Montealto of Kinblaukmonthe gave a charter of the lands of Brechin to Gilbert Hay during the reign of Robert I.12

John Mowat got a charter of the lands of Syandford in the barony of Ferne and the lands of Gilharne in the barony of Kinblackmonth from Robert III around 1398-1414.7

David Mowat got a charter of the lands of Robertson in the barony of Cunningham from Robert III.8





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